Best Private Money Investments for 2015 Offered at New Website

One of the ways that average investors are starting to earn money outside of stocks, bonds and other securities is through private money lending investments. There has been a huge increase nationally in the financial industry from people who are seeking higher than 3% to 8% returns annually. In the current day and age, more adults are becoming aware of the time-value of money compared to the time period before the 2008 recession.

New Private Money Investment Programs

There are companies like Legacy Property Solutions, LLC in Texas that now work with investors on a national level. As an example, the LPS company is one of very few that are able to provide as much as 18% returns annually to its investors. These rates of return are only possible within the housing industry.


People who buy homes can fall short on the total cash price needed. Instead of going through a bank or lender that has strict requirements, real estate investors who need quick cash are using the services of private money lenders to secure their cash. This means much better profits for investors.

Outlook for Retiree Investments This Year

Because social security and other funds can be limited after retirement, the threat of not being able to pay monthly expenses is very real for men and women who are nearing full retirement age. Since stocks can be hot one day and drop in price the next, security with financial investments is becoming a necessity for older men and women. The widespread losses at companies like Enron have smartened the average person up to sharp decreases in stock values.

Some of the very best retirement investments in 2015, 2016 and 2017 are expected to be in the housing industry. While not every person will have the funds needed to buy and flip a home, people who do have cash can explore the private money investing strategies offered at new companies like Legacy Property Solutions online. Achieving a guarantee on invested funds is one of the reasons why adults are exploring more options in the real estate markets across the United States.

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