Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates

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reynermedia / Foter / CC BY

Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates

Purchasing real estate inside the U.S. is relatively easy for residential properties. Small business owners on the other hand struggle to find capital needed to purchase business properties. The low rates that some lending companies provide in the commercial housing industry require extremely high credit scores to receive.

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The Fast Commercial Mortgages website has updated its commercial real estate loan rates for 2014 to make borrowing easier. Any person who has a credit score of at least 600 can take advantage of the new loans that are offered. Because budgets in the commercial industry can be larger, borrowing high dollar amounts is available.

Bank Turndowns and Hard Money Loans

Business credit scores are not the only piece of data that is reviewed during the lending process. The personal credit scores of business owners are often figured into commercial lending decisions. Being turned down by a bank is frustrating although quite common in the current economic climate.

Obtaining hard money loans is possible at record low rates through the Fast Commercial Mortgages website. A number of different programs are provided to help any business owner who has been turned down by other lenders. Property purchases that are used for investment are quite common with hard money loans.

Fixed and Variable Rate Loan Programs

Not every borrower who submits loan applications gets the best rates. The variable rates that agencies provide could change from year to year. The differences in the fixed rates that are promoted online can cause confusion. Having a source to turn to for low rates regardless of real estate type is essential.

Loans for daycare centers, mixed use, multi-family, industrial, storage company, hotels, funeral homes, health care and restaurants are possible online. The best services and rates are provided. Instant contact within 24 hours is provided when applications are submitted. All loan rates feature 2014 pricing for applicants at K2 Commercial Finance or by calling (215) 230-1885.

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