FSBO Alternatives for Homeowners in Arlington, VA

Selling a home does appear easy. Realtors and agents have built a career out of selling residential properties in the state of Virginia. For the common homeowner who has little experience, it is a big task to try and find the resources to sell a house. One experienced company is now providing FSBO alternatives for homeowners in Arlington, VA.

The company, http://www.novus-properties.com, now provides a faster selling service to property owners. Unlike a regular property listing that can go on for months or years at a time, Novus has an expedited selling service where a house can be sold in as little as one business day.

For Sale By Owner Disadvantages

Any person can buy a sign and place it into the ground at a single or multi-family property. Getting people to show up to view the property takes a lot of extra work. The real truth is that many people who try FSBO end up failing. Whether it be lack of knowledge of the market or too high of a selling price, less than 7% of all houses nationally are sold successfully by owners.

reynermedia / Foter / CC BY

reynermedia / Foter / CC BY

Novus Properties is one of few in Virginia that have the capability to make a cash offer on a home immediately. This is quite different compared to the regular real estate model. Upfront cash is rarely received in a housing industry transaction because many borrowers need financing.

Why a Non-Realtor Closing Can Be Better

A typical listing of a home through a real estate agent usually goes through a person who has access to the MLS in Virginia. Buyers might not be able to find the listed home and typically no extra marketing is usually performed. When combined with most low-ball offers on a home, homeowners usually do not receive what they feel is an agreeable asking price through a typical realtor transaction.

The Novus Properties approach is different to what many people might be used to witnessing. A home of any condition and in any neighborhood is just the type of home that can be easily sold. Even if a property owner is heading towards a foreclosure, is underwater in a mortgage, or who has let a property deteriorate Novus can help.

A homeowner who appreciates a hard-working, professional team of property specialists can call Novus Properties at (571) 384-5474. No hidden fees or commission charges are part of the standard selling packages. Homeowners can even pick out a closing date that is more appropriate for a specific situation.

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