Home Warranties

Photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design / Foter / CC BY

You deserve to feel safe in your home. A good warranty will give you that feeling. Not having the threat of a major repair on your back can help you sleep better at night. The age of your home does not matter. You can protect your home, family and finances from a major catastrophe. The home warranties that are found through our system are affordable. You can get the protection you need without an expensive price.

The exterior of your home is one thing and the interior is different. Most home appliances only carry at 180-day or 365-day warranty. No protection exists past this period if a new plan is not put into place. Our database of providers gives you instant access to the top home warranty companies in North America. We’ve already completed the negotiations on your behalf. You review your rate and contact each company directly.

“No person should endure a loss to their home or personal property because a warranty is too expensive.”

We offer a one-click system for introducing you to at least two top companies. You enter your email address, name and a contact phone number into our system. This secure system instantly matches you with a provider for an extended home warranty. The rates are low cost and all premiums can be paid in full or monthly. You’ll never feel the threat of losing your property or home to a sudden event again.

Our providers have been researched and policies have been reviewed. Each will make contact with you using the information you provide. There is no obligation. We give you access to affordable rates and let you close the deal. You can easily go over what is and what is not covered after the initial one-year term limit for a home warranty. You owe it to yourself to protect your home, possessions and family. Take two seconds and get a price quote for a home warranty right now.