Houses for Sale in Orlando, FL Trends Continue Without Realtors

Consumers hookup with realtors when they’re interested in buying houses. This is the common method. A new trend has started in high foreclosure states like Florida. The process of purchasing property without realtor assistance is now growing. Many companies have been profiled that are offering these services to the public. One company marketing its houses for sale in Orlando, FL was recently featured in a national write up reviewing these 21st century housing trends.

The Capstone Properties Investment company now buys and sells houses without realtors. This property group is deviating from the norm in the industry and going right to buyers. “We’re always searching for buyers,” said a source from Property portfolios are now being built by purchasing affordable properties and offering these for sale at below market rates.

Houses for Sale in Orlando, FL Signs: Are these Legit?

The benefits of working with realtors has always been licensure. These professionals obtain state licensing to sell houses to buyers. While some non-realtors are offering houses for sale, some of these companies are licensed agents. Licensing is not currently required to sell privately owned houses. No evidence has been found that suggests that signs posted with houses for sale or as “we buy homes Orlando FL” are not legit.

In the recently posted review, the Capstone Properties Investment company revealed their current portfolio locations. Instead of staying put in the local market, this company is one of few going national with its buying and selling services. Cities of Orlando, Sarasota, Lake Mary, Pensacola, Miami and Tampa now feature signs posted by this company. Expansion into San Antonio, Brooklyn, Allentown and Philadelphia is now underway.

These services for buyers are beneficial for two reasons. The first is the lack of mortgage qualifications. Owner financed houses can be financed by the investment company. The long and slow process of mortgage company searching can come to and end for buyers. The second benefit is the closing process. Most houses can be closed upon in 30 days or less. Companies continue to use attorneys for the closings to make all documentation official.

Are Online Housing Applications Safe?

While the trend to move away from realtors is underway, so is the development of online applications. The paper trail that used to be required for credit processing is all but eliminated in this decade. Companies investing in property to sell or to lease to third parties are now providing applications online.

All consumers who have security fears can put these fears to rest. Encryption at 128 bit or higher is now standard for all secure web transactions. Companies who secure their application forms also protect the data transmission of buyer or seller applications online.

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