Homes for Sale in Dallas, TX

Dallas Homes for SaleThe Dallas real estate market has a mixture of available houses. The issue that some people have is making contact with homeowners to purchase the properties. Experienced investors have entered into the DFW market and are now offering services that rival what real estate agents provide. The K-OS Home Solutions & Investments company is one example of a company currently purchasing houses at a faster pace and offering these to eager buyers in Texas.

The marketed price by a realtor is often not the price that is accepted by a homeowner. Some buyers prefer to purchase houses at a ratio of 60 to 70 percent of the value if repairs are needed. These offers are generally refused by homeowners making the process of purchasing a home harder for buyers. The company owned properties marketed by the K-OS Home Solutions company are attractively priced for immediate sale.

The launched portfolio online at provides an insight to home buyers seeking DFW houses. The properties that are marketed and listed by this company online include full price details. These details include accurate descriptions of property, address information and current sale price that is lower than market rates online. The neighborhoods that each property resides are researched prior to purchasing the home to make each transaction a win-win situation for this investment company its potential buyers.

Homes for Sale in Dallas, TX: No Commissions

Commissions on a real estate transaction are easily thousands of dollars. These extra fees are impossible to eliminate from a traditional realtor agreement at closing. The investment company approach for purchasing a property for sale is one way that commission fees are removed from the process. The closings that take place by the K-OS company and an appointed real estate attorney are completed swiftly. This generates a large contrast between the weeks or months that a traditional transaction for a purchase could take

Elimination of commission fees is one part of the service levels that are provided. The lack of financing that some buyers are confronted with could ruin the average property sale. The credit restrictions that some lenders are placing on a mortgage could conflict with the approval of a buyer. The K-OS Home Solutions & Investments company has created new programs to assist with Dallas houses for sale listed online. This company applies a company owned financing approach for buyers as one alternative.

This secondary approach allows an easier set of terms to be established to complete the actual purchase. No negotiations with a mortgage company or lender are required to take place due to the internal creative financing methods currently offered. Additional solutions like lease to buy or rent to own are also being offered to provide an equal number of solutions to assist with each property sale. These alternative approaches to real estate purchases are creating more housing opportunities for buyers with any credit background.

Housing applications or additional information about rental programs can be obtained by contacting the K-OS company directly at:

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