Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale

Homes for Sale Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale real estate is provided through realtors and agents. Homes for sale in Fort Lauderdale are also provided by the KDP Real Estate Group online at This investment company is providing direct access to buyers of properties online to its growing portfolio in the Southern Florida area. Homes are now listed on this online resource for direct review for pricing and other details.

The KDP Group is an experienced investment company currently purchasing as many as 10 houses in a one-month period. The growth of this company has been recognized by several media outlets this year for the contributions made to the housing community in Florida. The houses currently marketed by this company are set up to provide immediate services to men, women and investors seeking a property that needs no renovations before purchase.

The company resources provided to the general public for reviewing its portfolio of houses for sale now eliminate housing research. The streaming videos, blog content and additional information for services provided is now accessible online. All properties in Fort Lauderdale, FL and other areas of the state owned by this company can be found online. These connections are widening the opportunities that a home buyer, seller or investor has to purchase a property without a realtor in Florida.

Homes for Sale in Fort Lauderdale: Cash or Financed

Not all buyers of houses are able to provide a cash transaction to complete a sale. Financing is generally offered by lenders or mortgage brokers upon request by buyers. The qualifications to receiving financing have changed and reduced many options buyers one had in many parts of the U.S. The KDP Real Estate Group has answered the need of many buyers in Florida and is now offering owner financing for its houses for sale.

This alternative to financing through a third party company is lowering the actual rate of interest that is payable on a home purchase price. This owner financing approach is one strategy that is placing more people who would not normally qualify through a mortgage company into a beautiful home. A simple application process is now offered to creatively finance each property for sale.

Each down payment that is required to purchase a property is based on a sale price. Some men and women prefer to lease or rent a home instead of purchasing. The KDP Investment Group now offers two programs as an alternative to buying houses outright. All Fort Lauderdale houses for sale can be rented or leased depending on the needs of each person. Direct application forms can be obtained from the company website for rental, purchase or for sale by owner assistance online.

More information can be obtained by making contact with company specialists using the following information:

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