Homes for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg Houses for SaleBuying a home takes intelligent research using all available resources as a buyer. One company is Virginia is now helping to market its houses direct to men and women buying houses. The Atlantic Homes Buyers company at has launched its buyers’ resources online. This company currently provides access to its portfolio of houses in the state of Virginia for easier research online.

The different methods of financing that a buyer can use to purchase a home have changed in the past two decades. Some people still depend on the mortgage companies or banks to provide the lending required to complete the purchase. Credit restrictions that are placed through some lenders can prevent a buyer from becoming qualified for a mortgage. The Atlantic Home Buyers company has launched its creative financing services this year.

This company owns a growing portfolio of properties in Fredericksburg, Manassas and other cities in Virginia. Because all properties are company owned, financing strategies can be used to help men and women find a home. This company has developed its owner financing approach to take away the blockades that can be common in the real estate industry when seeking a home for sale that requires financing.

Homes for Sale in Fredericksburg, VA: Renovation-Free

Homeowners listing properties through realty companies do not always complete repairs prior to the actual closing. Property inspection companies can make notes after an inspection and this information might not prevent a sale from taking place. Some people buy houses to fix up while others expect a clean and inviting home. The Atlantic Home Buyers company has completed all renovations for its properties prior to sale.

This method of selling houses to buyers eliminates the need to complete repairs after sales are processed. The closings that are completed by this company with each property are processed through a real estate attorney. The actual process to close on a home can be completed in under one month. This is compared to weeks or months with average realtor involvement. This no-realtor approach has helped many people in Virginia to get into houses faster.

The launched company website online provides direct services to buyers of properties and sellers of houses. These dual services are offered without the commission fees that are common in real estate. The company website serves as a resource center and includes helpful information about each home. A person interested in reviewing houses or going forward with a purchase can make a formal request using the application forms founds online.

All property requests to buy, rent or lease can be forwarded using this company contact information:

Atlantic Home Buyers, LLC
Owner: Donna Yon
(540) 376-3030
[email protected]

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