Homes for Sale in Memphis, TN

Memphis is one of the most culturally-rich cities in Tennessee and also one of the most difficult to find housing. A person who is seeking alternatives to the standard housing types available now has new options. The Brown Investment Group company has launched its houses for sale in Memphis TN services this year. This company built its buyer website at to suppy direct information to those seeking Memphis area houses for sale.

The new buyer website currently provides instant access to the available properties that are marketed by Brown Investment Group. The properties are currently added at a rate of up to 10 each month to offer more variety to buyers. The current plans that are put into place help more buyers to finance the purchase of a property compared with seeking third party mortgage companies for financing.

These financing programs take the owner financing approach that was created to expand the buying options that are currently offered to all home buyers. A simple review process for each applicant is now completed prior to the processing of a real estate sale in Memphis or other cities where company houses are held. This review is now completed within a one or two-day time period to speed up closings.

Homes for Sale in Memphis, TN: No Commission Fees

One of the drawbacks to a standard real estate transaction from a realtor includes the fees and other charges that are typically applied to a home purchase. One advantage to working closely with companies like the Brown Investment Group is the commission-free sales. This company processes its houses with the help of a real estate attorney. This eliminates the standard closing fees and listing charges that are traditionally applied by realtors at closing.

This total elimination of fees is one difference that buyers find when working with this company. Apart from the internal financing programs offered, standard lease to buy and rental agreements are offered as secondary solutions. A person who is not qualified for a home purchase could be offered a different solution to maintain the current interest in a house for sale. These programs require a smaller down payment compared with the actual purchase of the property.

The expanded company website now includes streaming video, color photographs of all properties and relevant information that buyers and renters use when making decisions to enter into an agreement. This information is available for review on any Internet connected computer or device. This ease of information is one single way that this company provides for property research. These alternative real estate services have increased the growth of this company this year.

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