Homes for Sale in Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale Homes for SaleCalifornia is one part of the country that has a constantly growing real estate market. The ability for companies to buy, hold or sell properties exists in all parts of the state. The Transaction Engineers, LLC company is now marketing its houses for sale in Sunnyvale, CA online. This company purchases its houses in many parts of the state of California and is now offering these houses direct to buyers seeking a non-realtor alternative.

Buying houses through real estate agents typically requires a process of qualification. This method is used in most cities in the United States to pre-qualify a buyer for any property. The ability to qualify for specific mortgage percentages is not available to all men or women who complete applications. The resource now provides a simple way that property can be researched online and applications submitted for approval.

The launch of the company website promoting its houses for sale is providing the resources that some people do not have when buying through a realtor or other seller in the state of California. The company website now provides photographs and price information entirely online. This resourceful website is a way that any buyer, renter or other property buyer can receive updated information about properties available.

Homes for Sale in Sunnyvale, CA: Instant Approvals

The process of waiting for a property company to return a response for home purchase qualifications is one stressful time for buyers. To know that a purchase can be completed was one of the periods of waiting that used to be required in the real estate industry. Expedited measures that are now taken by the Transaction Engineers, LLC company make getting approvals faster. Company owned houses that are provided can be purchased outright with a cash offer or through the financing programs setup.

A buyer with a credit history that is less than perfect is one of the types of people who currently receive housing assistance from this company. The creative financing methods that have been developed and put into action this year are exclusive to this company. The owner financing approach is one strategy that can be used to finance a company owned home. This process requires a simple application for all men and women who have interest in the available properties now for sale.

Services for renters are now an expanded part of the company operations. Some people who prefer to rent a home often seek short or long term agreements from property owners. Each contract for rental that is created by this company is based on the needs of each renter. Rental rates that are below market averages are provided on some properties available. The rental, lease to buy and other arrangements that are offered are helping more people get placed into a beautiful California home.

Immediate applications for buying, renting or leasing the company properties can be accessed by using this contact information:

Transaction Engineers, LLC
Owner: Stanley Shellum
(408) 465-9720
[email protected]

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