How to Sell Your Home After 90 Days on Market

Few buyers take interest in a home that sits on the open market for longer than a three-month period. When a house cannot sell, there are negative impacts to the reputation of the property as well as its sales team. Because buyers might think something is wrong with a home sitting for too long, homeowners or rental property owners might find themselves in a tough position. If you want to know how to sell your home after 90 days on the market, you are now on the right website.

Occupied and Non-Occupied Sales Tactics

One company, Utopia Investment Group, LLC, at, works closely with owners of properties daily that are going through a tough sell on a home. Regardless of why a home has not sold, a typical realtor will usually only agree to list the home again once repairs or other improvements have been made. The go-to option for most agents is to blame the property owner for houses that have exceeded the normal 90-day listing period.

It gets even worse for a person who owns a home who no longer lives near the property. Not everyone is planning to sell because of a job relocation or an upgrade to a newer property. Many people are stuck with a house due to receiving one after probate has been completed, non-paying rental tenants or when foreclosure proceedings make it harder to list the home.


Fastest Method for Selling Houses

The Utopia Investment Group uses a different sales tactic compared with typical realtors and agents. By using a refined listing of investment clients, the company is able to tap into its clientele and help a person sell a home of any condition much faster. Because there is virtually no time on market, the closings are swiftly completed shortly after cash offers are accepted.

Even if a property has little to no equity, it can be sold. While agents will usually not work with a property owner in foreclosure or who has an underwater mortgage, Utopia handles the sales transactions for people with an immediate need to sell. There are few circumstances that would exclude a property owner from taking advantage of this rapid-selling solution.

Proven FSBO Alternatives in Real Estate

Someone who has been forced to move before a property has been sold knows how terrible it is to pay double house payments. Landlords who have a tenant not paying or has one or more code enforcement penalties also understands the need to sell faster.

A person who needs to sell quickly, but has exhausted other options can call Utopia Investment Group, LLC at (706) 584-2778 for an immediate consultation. A closing could be arranged within 24 to 48 hours after a cash offer is accepted.

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