Investment Properties in Jacksonville FL

The rising stock market numbers usually means rising income for average working people. Many investments that can be made into securities come with no guarantee of return. The real estate market has been one safe haven for many people. Houses usually appreciate between 3 and 15 percent annually depending on location. Cities like Jacksonville currently offer one of the largest per-capita rental communities in the country. There are now investment properties in Jacksonville FL that are suitable for all investment budgets.

One company known as, JWB Real Estate Capital at, was recently ranked the 12th fastest growing real state company in the U.S. This company provides portfolio management in the Jacksonville area. This company is one example of the types of ventures that are now available for consumers to invest into to build more wealth. One of the reasons for the popularity in these investments is the low startup costs. Compared with stock market investing, the returns on real estate investment properties can be as high as 30 percent annually.

Jacksonville Investment Property Management

Properties can grow at a faster than average rate with the right management. Some investors who own and operate each aspect of a property without experience can fail easily. A growing trend in the industry is to invest money into companies able to provide back-end management for a reduced cost. These companies can handle all of the transactions that take place with owning an investment property. The ease of investing into these scenarios is helping more retirees and others with extra funds to become real estate investors.

Because 401(k) and other retirement plans can be used to purchase property, the rise in investments have soared in North Florida. Many tax benefits are available to qualified investors to help retain more of the profits that can be earned as an investor. The JWB Real Estate Capital company currently controls more than 100 properties.

According to the company website, new properties are added routinely as properties are purchased. These types of investments are expected to continue an upward trend as rental prices continue to rise. The average home currently rents for $750 to $1200 a month with a minimal amount of property management fees. Returns on these real estate investments could be prove to be a winning strategy for investors searching for a reliable way to grow a portfolio in real estate. 

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