Real Estate Investors in Dallas

Real Estate Investors in Dallas

Investors are now buying houses in the DFW area. Some companies have more experience than others with homeowners. The Rutford Safe Homes, LLC has received media attention from news outlets for its expansion in Dallas. These real estate investors Dallas experts are currently offering to buy houses direct from homeowners who are in unique positions. Selling a home to a company making a cash offer is one exit strategy that some homeowners now prefer to use.

A failed rental property, foreclosure, distressed property and divorce are some of the reasons that DFW homeowners decide to sell properties. One issue that many people encounter in these situations is realtor acceptance. There are many realtors in the state of Texas. The problems comes from companies unwilling to list houses with certain restrictions. A homeowner who has problems that could prevent a standard sale is usually denied a listing.

The launch of the Rutford Safe Homes, LLC company website at is now a starting point for most property owners. Not all investors are willing to place bids on houses that are not in new condition. The owner of a property who does not have the cash for repairs could find it difficult when seeking out investors in the DFW area. The Rutford company are real estate experts and currently buy houses that are in any exterior condition.

Real Estate Investors Dallas: Cash Offers on Homes

A regular real estate transfer involves attorneys, mortgage companies, loan servicers and other professionals contributing to a transaction. The investment approach is different. An attorney, homeowner and sometimes an investor appear together at closing. The terms of the deal are laid out in advance. The signatures are processed and the property will change hands on a specified time period. The money held in escrow is distributed faster than a normal realtor transaction.

Getting a cash offer is usually the best way out of an extraordinary circumstance. The threat of foreclosure is higher in Texas than in other U.S. cities. The lack of government programs and support from lenders can make a property owner feel helpless. The Rutford Safe Homes, LLC company is positioned as a leader in the Dallas area. This company buys as many as 10 houses monthly without delays.

The investment services that are provided also work well for other investors. The surplus of houses that are purchased can be sold at below market rates when available to other companies. This allows the income from an investment property to be used to build a housing portfolio. The services that are listed by the Rutford company online help homeowners, renters, buyers and investment companies.

Direct contact with company investment experts can be made when using the following contact details:

Rutford Safe Homes, LLC
Owner: Patrick Thaichinda
(972) 855-8976
[email protected]

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