Rent to Own Tampa Homes

Tampa, like other cities in Florida has a large tourist population. This city is also home to many new residents that seek housing. Rental houses are likely the most popular solution for many although can be hard to find. One investment company is now changing the way that locals and investors find rent to own Tampa houses ready for immediate occupancy.

The McIntyre Investment Properties Inc company launched its website earlier this year at This business structure is modeled towards attracting renters as well as investors in properties. The expanded Tampa area portfolio held by this company is now connecting these houses with individuals.

The market rent prices are often reviewed by men and women before seeking a home. What one realtor offers for rent might be different through an investment company. Finding houses that are at the current rates or below market rates is one ideal solution for renters. Part of the growth experienced by the McIntyre Investment Properties company comes from its support of affordable rent prices.

Rent to Own Tampa Homes: A Liquid Investment

Renters have nearly no investment into a rental property when the lease is terminated. This is unlike a home purchase that requires 10, 15 or 30-year mortgages. The attractive rental price mixed with the property management solutions makes these investments semi liquid due to the small price to pay to acquire these houses.

The same scenario for Tampa real estate investors exists. The repairs are usually completed in advance of sale to a resident. No additional investments to fix up a property are required. There are many property investment companies that downsize portfolio houses or have owners who retire. These often provide below market rate deals that rarely last long on the open market.

The REI properties industry is strong in Florida and is expected to continue. Many houses have been purchased, held and renovated by companies like McIntyre Investment Properties. Both renters and investors can view the properties offered by this company directly on the Internet.

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