Review of Lance Edwards Real Estate

Can you make money investing in apartments? Yes, according to Lance Edwards. A bestselling book called “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments” has educated a lot of newbie investors. Since Lance authored this book, he has ventured into providing a ton of free information through his network of websites. This review of Lance Edwards real estate is true and unbiased.

Lance Edwards’ Background

Lance, himself, first got into the housing industry in the year 2003. He scored a deal on a four-plex apartment. This property was acquired with nothing down. The success of this transaction led to the future purchase of 50+ properties. Lance now owns First Cornerstone Group.

Lance retired in the year 2005 after a two-decade career in the corporate world. Since this time, he has been one of the go-to sources in the real estate industry. Many people get a ‘first start’ in the business using Lance’s training materials.

Lance educates would-be investors about private money and how to acquire apartment complexes in all parts of the United States. Flipping properties using your own or other people’s money is a learned skill that Lance teaches very well.


Things That Make Lance Different

Quality of information is hard to judge when someone is just starting as an investor. Deals are not just made. A good deal is researched and hand-picked from reliable sources. When a person has been taught a system of what works, it is much easier to avoid mistakes.

Lance’s training is very different compared to run of the mill courses.

People like free information. One thing Lance A. Edwards puts out is a wealth of no-cost knowledge. Through website newsletters, anyone regardless of experience level can keep up with the latest tips in the housing industry. In addition to a newsletter, information is delivered through the following:

1. Special Reports
2. Bonus Reports
3. Intensive Webinars

Skipping the fluff and getting right to the good data is a sign of quality. Cutting through the wordy e-books and glowing reviews from previous clients allows someone to get right to the stuff that matters.

No Money Down Investing

There is a process to investing with no money. People who do it wrong can speak negatively about it. There are reviews online of some real estate courses where people wound up unhappy. Most of the time, misunderstandings of the information applied or skipping of important steps lead to investor failure.

Investing into apartment buildings is profitable. Lance has cornered the multifamily property niche in many cities. From Texas and California to Florida and New Jersey, there is money waiting for new investors to earn. The basic and advanced courses marketed by Lance are worthwhile to explore.

Easiest Real Estate Training Course

Compared with single family homes, Lance’s courses are excellent for someone with no experience. Investing thousands of dollars in a house before income is earned is a quick way to lose your investment. The tenant marketing, JV partnering and other advanced steps taught in Lance’s apartment investing course is easy to learn.

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