How to Sell Your House Fast Even When You Have No Equity

How to Sell Your House Fast Even When You Have No EquityThe age and condition of your home are only two variables to consider when selling. The LTV or loan to value ratio that is assessed by a buyer could reveal the lack of equity in your home. If you owe more than your home is worth, you can still find a buyer. You can learn to sell your house fast even when you have no equity following this basic set of information. You don’t need the assistance of a realtor for this process.

Short Sales are Common

The agreement that you have with your lender is important to understand. Not all lenders are willing to initiate a short sale. This process involves getting approval from your lender to sell your home for less than the mortgage amount. This process can be lengthy and is common for homeowners in foreclosure. The actual approval can take weeks and is best handled by a third party with experience in getting approval for short sales. This resource is helping to understanding the approval process.

For Sale by Owner Method

Everyone wants to profit from a real estate sale. It’s hard to profit if you have no equity in your home. Few buyers would have interested in a maxed out value. The for sale by owner strategies that are available could help. The maximum value of a property will help you locate the potential asking price. What you want and what the market will give are sometimes way off. The FSBO method of selling a house without equity is very common. There are companies that offer FSBO services online.

Sell to an Investor

You can sell a home to an investor or group of investors. These companies usually purchase houses with little to no equity. The catch is that you will have to give up some of your asking price. Many investment companies are searching for a property with a lower ARV or after repair value. This means after any repairs have been made the selling price is adjusted downwards. A typical purchase is 60 percent or less of the ARV calculation. This is negotiable and you always have the final say so when selling your own home.

We Buy Homes Companies

There are companies operating nationally that could buy your home. Equity is a challenging issue although not impossible. A good appraisal can be your strongest asset when negotiating the selling price of your property. The we buy homes services that some companies provide can get cash for your home fast. There are no realtors, agents, brokers or others involved in these transactions. One drawback is the slight decrease in the purchase price. Most property buyers are searching for a deal. If you’re not willing to lower your asking price, you could be angered by a low offer.

No Equity Home Sales Through Realtors

A real estate agent or realtor is often the first choice of many homeowners. The biggest issue with this method is the extra fees involved. If you have zero or little equity, you’re still liable to pay for fees and other charges at closing. The reduced selling price mixed with the cost of paying off your loan could be tricky. Most agents will ask for up to 6 percent in commission fees. This drastically can reduce the profits on a home sale. One of the best solutions is to use a professional no equity intermediary to help you sell your home without a realtor.

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