Smart Investors Use Technology to Their Advantage

Caldwell Holdings has been a fixture in the Pittsburgh real estate market. The company has been buying property across Western Pennsylvania for years. Until recently, much of the marketing efforts were confined to small “bandit” signs placed along the highway.

The real message of Caldwell Holdings is that they will buy houses that others will not buy. The company searches out sellers who have a problem. They might be 100% financed or even over leveraged, behind on payments, high priced or low priced, in good or bad condition, or they just need to sell really fast. The challenge has always been that most of the people who could really benefit from dealing with the Pittsburgh-based company, just don’t know that there is such a company.

New technology has made marketing for sellers much easier than the old days. Simple tools like Craigslist can help an investor reach thousands of people. A well-written advertisement on a free site can generate a herd of traffic. In real estate investing, as in almost any other business, the goal is to tell the masses about what a company does. The core message of Caldwell Holdings is that they buy houses and take over debt. The company will buy houses in any Pittsburgh neighborhood, at any price point and in any condition. This message is unique, but it is useless if no home seller knows about the company.

YouTube and other video-centered websites are also great places to launch a marketing message. Essentially video posts act like short commercials for the company. Anyone looking to sell a house in a hurry can search for videos of Caldwell Holdings President, Josh Caldwell, and see what the company has to offer in a friendly non-committal manner. This allows sellers in Allegheny County to see what the company has to offer at convenience.

Social media also plays an important role in the search for property. There are over fifty different social media platforms, and each one has value. The key to social media is that it allows companies to contact people through several degrees of separation.

Contact management software like Infusion soft helps the company keep track of houses that the company is looking at. This software allows the investors to build a database of contacts and to track the progress of each deal as it moves from first contact to close.

Video conferencing tools like IWOWEE, allow the company to connect with out-of-town property sellers in a way that mimics face to face interactions. The video tool, allows for face time, similar to what Skype offers but it also allows the sharing of information across the computer screen. With this tool, a seller can see the sales contract as it sits on the computer screen and ask any questions that they want.

Buying real estate is a fairly complex proposition. The advancement of technology has make doing business much easier. Caldwell Holdings is leading the way in the adoption of this technology. The goal is to make the process as easy as possible for anyone who wants to sell a house.

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