Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2015

Getting the best bang for your marketing buck is easy when you know how. There are a lot of challenges in marketing. Most companies want to dominate in their local area. This can be done. Other companies want to dominate online. This can also be done. One hurdle to get over is how to make it all happen on a small or freebie budget. Your real estate business does not have to settle for the high cost of television or radio ads. You deserve more of a cheaper cost for marketing your real estate.

Top 10 11 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2015

1. Marketing Event’s and Conferences

Some call them seminars and expos, but they all serve the same purpose, to help you take your business to the next level. Real estate marketing events are some of the best ways to gain insider knowledge on the industry from leading experts and investors much like yourself. Granted, there are some that are a waste of time, but if you are as serious about networking as you are about your business, then taking a trip to a real estate marketing event is a no-brainier.

2. Using Facebook Correctly

You might already be on Facebook. That’s a good place to be. Are you using it correctly? There is more to the online dominance that Facebook can provide than responding to posts. A new advertising program was launched this year. You could be missing out on some great targeted traffic by not advertising. The costs can be as low as $.10 per click. This is a great way to test out new marketing if you’re short on funds.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targeted traffic is easy to get when you know the basics. One tool that has been used successfully in real estate is PPC. Google, Bing and Yahoo offer a pay per click program. What these do is allow you to pay only for traffic that you request. Your specific keywords, phrases and other criteria can help you start a click campaign. The costs are dependent on the keywords that you select. Some words are $.01 per click and some can be $100. If you’re savvy, you can get a free coupon for PPC by doing a Google search.

4. Hire an SEO Expert

It always pays to hire a professional. When you need ranking help, SEO professionals can come to your rescue. These specialists know how search engines work and can get you more user traffic to your website or listings. The costs can vary though. One low cost company known as REI Ranker at creates dirt cheap SEO solutions. The owners who offer this service can get listings at the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing quickly.

5. Plenty of Fish (POF)

It’s true dating sites have millions of visitors. That’s exactly what you need for your business. The Plenty of Fish advertising program can help you attract the 20 somethings that you’re targeting for real estate. The programs let you pay as little as $.20 per click. You set the age range and type of person you’re seeking. The POF advertising method is inexpensive and could get you qualified traffic to your online listings.

6. Use Craigslist Correctly

You either know someone killing it on Craigslist or someone who hates it. The fact is that this site does produce traffic. The free and paid listings that are offered will help you. You need to use it correctly though. There are now tools that tell you when specific postings are made. The use of this website can take you from not knowing to being in the know. Setting up campaigns is easy. You can literally dominate Craigslist in real estate by using these strategies.

7. Post on Backpage

Using classified sites does work when you have property to list. Classified websites are a great way. There is no bigger site besides Craigslist than Backpage. The national listings or statewide listings that are offered are really cheap. You can do free listings but paid is inexpensive. You could have your listing on the front page in multiple cities for a six-month duration for around $1.00. You choose the metro areas and setup your ads. Backpage takes care of the rest. Apart from REI Ranker, this is a great tool to use

8. Create Better YouTube Videos

Everyone has a video right? Many are probably terrible. People respond to great videos. Do you have one? Do you know where to get them? A free software program is now the go-to method of top realtors online. This program allows a one-click solution to make videos of up to a certain length for free. You can choose to pay a small annual fee for unlimited access. There are no watermarks or other ads placed into the videos created with this package. You can make better YouTube videos for no money.

9. Send Press Releases

The media loves news. Press releases have stood the test of time for announcements of news for decades. Forget Twitter or Facebook for news. Press releases that go right to the masses work and they work very well. If you can write one correctly do it. If you need to hire a writer, you can do it cheaply. Getting news out about your listings is easy with (free) or (paid) online. Each of these works well depending on your budget and market reach expected.

10. Trulia Listings

You can post your recent listings on the Trulia website. This real estate directory includes a hub just for professionals. You have the option of using a free or paid listing. Your budget can help you decide. Because consumers trust this resource, you can’t go wrong with a free listing. If you combine this with SEO tools or a press release, you could have a winner on your hands.

11. Zillow Listings

Zillow is another top real estate directory online. If you’re not listing here, it’s hard to be validated in the industry. Both free and paid listings are part of the offerings that you’ll find. Posting your information on these trusted sites is easy. You can choose between listing or data feed submission. These distribution options are easy to put into your marketing campaign.

Marketing for Real Estate in 2016 and Beyond

You now have the tools to use to create a larger online presence. Tools come and go but marketing is still essential. Putting your plan together and kicking marketing into high gear will help you. This page is curated constantly with new content. The upcoming 2015 data is expected to add to your continued real estate marketing efforts online.

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