We Buy Homes Dallas, TX with No Realtor

The Dallas and Fort Worth area real estate market has expanded since the national slowdown in 2008. More companies are buying houses again and some investors are more successful due to creative strategies. The K-OS Home Solutions company is one example of the types of companies now offering we buy homes Dallas, TX series.

This company is one of a select few in the Dallas area that is able to place offers directly with homeowners to purchase a property. The portfolio of properties that are owned by this company has helped to leverage its buying power. The launch of the http://www.koshousesolutions.com website is now introducing these services on a wider scale.

A range of buyers can benefit from buying property or selling property to an investment firm. Studies have been reported recently that examined the amount of time it takes for realtors to close a home sale. Companies like the K-OS Home Solutions company use attorneys for closings and can generally complete the process between 7 and 30 days in length.

We Buy Homes Dallas, TX: How Homeowners Benefit

It takes buyers and sellers to complete a transaction in real estate. When one side falls through, the process usually starts over. The delays that are common between the initial listing and actual closing with realtors can lead to owners of houses seeking other options. The K-OS Home Solutions company provides its expedited buying services in Dallas, Fort Worth, Rockwall and areas of North Texas.

Homeowners receive the immediate benefit of working with an investment company able to place a cash offer. These offers are in line with current market changes and the actual condition of a property. The absence of commission fees and length paperwork are two examples of the FSBO alternative process.

The buying services that are provided represent one aspect of the investment industry. Properties can be resold to other investors or rented to individuals seeking housing. The benefits are increased using this purchase method in comparison with a generally real estate sale that involves no set time limit to receive results.

Direct information about buying, selling, renting or investing the properties currently in the portfolio of K-OS Home Solutions can be obtained by contacting the company directly at:

K-OS Home Solutions
Owner: Kevin Switzer
Phone: (214) 227-8787
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