We Buy Homes Fredericksburg, VA

We Buy Homes Fredericksburg, VA

Homeowners who are making the decision to sell their houses must decide what company to use. The standard in the housing industry is to use realtors. These companies have a track record of listings houses that can sell to buyers. 21st century alternatives are now available in many U.S. states. The Atlantic Home Buyers, LLC company is one example of these companies. The we buy homes Fredericksburg, VA services that are offered help get houses sold.

The process of a home sale when using investment companies is often easier to understand. There is one buyer and one seller. There are no qualifications needed. One drawback to using real estate agents is the need to upgrade a property. Most agents will refuse to list a home in need of major or minor repairs. Some buyers are seeking houses that do not need to be repaired after closing.

The Atlantic Home Buyers website at http://realestateforvirginia.com provides an insight into the ways that are used to complete a real estate sale without a realtor. This company is one of few in the nation providing cash offers for houses in Virginia. The properties that are purchased by this company are often closed upon In 30 days or less.

We Buy Homes Fredericksburg, VA: What to Expect

Selling to realtors can come with some pretty high fees and charges. These are surprising sometimes when the final closing paperwork is prepared. To avoid these fees, companies like Atlantic Home Buyers have removed the standard commissions. These are no longer required because only property changes hands. There are no listing fees. There are no other fees except the cost of sale.

These practices are helping more homeowners to keep the sale price of their home. A standard percentage from realtors can easily be $7000 or more on a regular transaction. Investment companies buying houses make cash offers. These offers are designed to speed up the sale process. Additional services are now a part of the real estate programs viewable on the RealEstateforVirginia.com website.

A person who is interested in buying a home can now receive owner financing. This method of internal financing eliminates bank or lender qualifying. A person who is interested in rent to own or lease to buy could find the right program through this company. The opportunities that are available in this decade are assisting more people with their housing needs in Virginia and other states in the U.S.

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