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Jacksonville, Florida remains the most populous Florida city. The amount of new relocations mixed with residents of the state has expanded the real estate market. Expert companies exist in this city to provide a range of real estate services. The Dream Catcher Cottages company has setup its we buy homes in Jacksonville, FL website at http://www.realestateinnorthflorida.com to extend its services to buyers, sellers and renters of property in Florida.

The above average rent prices for houses in North Florida has made this area excellent for investors. While the purchase of investment properties is one side of the industry, buying houses direct from property owners is a newer concept. These non-realtor home sales extend a faster method of sale compared to real estate listings that could take weeks, months or even years before a sale is closed.

The high foreclosure rate in Florida is one reason that many owners of properties are now selling. The government options are now fewer than in previous years and most options have expired for property owners. Selling property outright to investors is one way to receive a cash price for a home. The Dream Catcher Cottages company is one of the specialists in Jacksonville offering the we buy homes in Florida services.

We Buy Homes in Jacksonville, FL: The Benefits

Each homeowner expects to receive a certain price for their property. This is mostly based upon the original purchase price and a rough estimation of the appreciated value. Selling to investors to avoid foreclosure or other instances helps property owners get a fair price. The appreciated value is one example of the bonuses that are available performing these transactions.

The non-realtor commissions can literally save thousands of dollars. Each realtor is able to tack on fees, commissions and listing costs when houses are sold. This can cost homeowners thousands of dollars although not when the investor sales approach is used. Expert companies like the Dream Catcher Cottages company are now buying houses close to market value and can close in less than 30 days of a cash offer.

A property owner considering a sale should weigh the pros and cons of working with realtors to list and sell a home. Unsuccessful for sale by owner efforts are common due to desperation of selling houses faster. The no realtor home sales services mixed with the services for buyers now offered in the Jacksonville area provides ways out of extraordinary situations.

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