We Buy Homes Jacksonville FL Services Now Part of JWB Home Buyers Co.

Buying and selling in real estate is part of the daily grind. For licensed realtors, linking listings to attract buyers is crucial. A new trend in the industry gaining popularity is investment companies performing many of the tasks that realtors complete. One company, JWB Home Buyers, in Jacksonville, Florida is now one of these companies. This company has now added we buy homes Jacksonville FL services to its growing list of services as a non-realtor group.

JWB started in 2009 as Jacksonville Wealth Builders to help investors purchase rental properties at discounted rates. The growth of this company over the past 4 years has resulted in expanded opportunities in real estate. The process of buying available houses is continuing to help this company invest into new markets. The re-branding of JWB Homes Buyers from Progress Home Buyers is expected to continue the upward trend in housing for this company.

The process, as explained on the http://jwbhomebuyers.com website, provides options for buyers or sellers. A person choosing to sell can utilize the company specialists to assist with a rapid sales approach. This is in comparison to the for sale by owner method that could prove to be costly and unsuccessful. Sellers are able to receive multiple offers from buyers to expedite the actual sale. The closings are completed with attorneys and no fees are assessed compared with real estate agent commissions.

Buyers have updated services as well. A person buying a home can make use of the quick showings form now online. Instead of scheduling a showing weeks in advance, a 15-minute or less showing guarantee is now offered. The JWB Home Buyers Co. now guarantees any home can be setup for a listing within this time period.

This services expansion is building up the company services to help more owners or houses or those who buy houses in North Florida. The we buy homes services inclusions is one of many expected to be announced by the JWB Group of companies in the current year.

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