We Buy Homes Jacksonville, FL

We Buy Homes Jacksonville, FL

The real estate industry in the state of Florida is supported by investors and real estate agents. The higher than national average foreclosure rate contributes to opportunities for all in the housing industry. The Dream Catcher Cottages, LLC company has established its presence in the state for more than a decade. This company is now extending its we buy homes Jacksonville, FL services to homeowners.

10 expert housing specialists work for this company to manage the day-to-day operations for real estate transactions. The direct offers that are now placed to buy property from homeowners is a win-win situation. Owners of properties can receive a faster sale and the company portfolio continues to expand. The inclusion of the we buy homes services is establishing this company as a market leader in Florida home purchases.

The website launch at http://realestateinnorthflorida.com/we-buy-houses is now the main source of information publicly available to property owners. The Dream Catcher Cottages, LLC company setup this new website to provide a review of its services. The streaming videos, blog posts and other content that is written by company staff is providing a helpful way homeowners are researching the FSBO assistance programs.

We Buy Homes Jacksonville, FL: Benefits to Homeowners

The market price for a home and what realtors receive are usually different. Offers are made by eager buyers although some are refused based on input from real estate agents. Building up the commissions for the final closing is one strategy that agents use. This does not help all homeowners. The benefits of selling to investors are many. No commissions are attached to the final closing price. This allows more of the purchase price to be retained by owners of houses.

The Dream Catcher Cottages, LLC company makes offers on houses without requesting repairs. This company purchases houses without making homeowners provide investments for home repairs. The cash offers that are supplied are in line with market estimates in each neighborhood where properties are purchased. These strategies are quite different from realtor sales.

Apart from the buying of houses, services for buyers and for renters are now offered. A person experiencing issues with rental qualifications could qualify faster through the new lease to buy or rent to own offerings. The creative financing services that are currently in place for buyers of company owned houses remove the standard mortgage financing. This combination of services is making a difference in the Jacksonville area.

More company information is available by using the following contact data:

Dream Catcher Cottages, LLC
Owner: Puff Darlin’
(904) 999-3673
[email protected]

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